Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekend Wishes

Hey kids!  I always want to blog again when I make life changes.  I guess I just get a surge of productivity or something.  I'm not often able to wallow in unhappiness for extended periods of time (except, you know, during that CERTAIN period...see what I did there?) so I try to keep keeping on since I know the healing time will roll by.  

That being said, let's look at some weekend wishes, shall we?

It's a motorcycle jacket, but it's fuzzy on the outside too.  It just looks so cozy and cool, something that cool me that only lives in my head would wear.  No wonder, since it's by Free People, a brand I constantly want pieces from.  Currently there are only larges left in Free People's Gilt sale, if you must have it.

Thanks to Refinery 29, I am now completely obsessed with jewelry by Made Her Think.  These earrings in particular are making me drool all over myself.  I love the soft, romantic feel that rose gold has, and I how MHT has blended that with the medieval-esq pendulum and the smokey quartz.  I'm seeing soft oversized sweaters in muted colors, black eyeliner, and a seductive nude lip.

Oh, wait!

My cool alter ego would totally wear the earrings with this top by Raquel Allegra.  Very laid back hot.  And nothing extra underneath to hide the unmentionables.  "A little bra never hurt anyone" is becoming a motto of mine.  See?

Anyway, while my alter ego is chilling in her Brooklyn loft with some smoldering hunk and wine, I'm gonna spend this weekend working on my thesis, watching Saints football, drinking lots of tea, and being a retail slave on Sunday.  Kisses!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

There's Something About Melancholy

I took this photo sometime in the Spring of my sophomore year of college, with photobooth, on the top floor of the library.  I was probably trying to work on some major research project or paper for finals and failing.  But the point of using it is that pictures of me not baring all of my horse teeth are rare and usually weird, and any stylized outfit shot would've downplayed the point of this post.

The universe has been kind of raining on my parade the past couple of weeks, today especially.  And though I never never post things I write in earnest for the interwebs to see and judge (even after lots of editing or confirmation that I didn't write it with my head up my ass) I feel some urge to be publicly creative.  So, enjoy or bombard, as you wish.

Big gnarled hands,
A little boy smile,
I always thought you'd stay the long while.
Too many manners unlearned, 
Awkward hugs unreturned,
stories you would never share.
The endearing magnification of thick glass,
charmingly gruff, a pain in the ass.
Checks in the mail each and every year,
Same signature, Same tender, 
Screeching helpers in your ears.
A white plastic stein with the letters rubbed off.
Hundreds of Kleenex,
a loud jarring cough.
Liters and liters of your favorite brown drink.
Sunday dinners, Easter mornings,
Festive holiday adornings.
Silent drives home,
and badly read lips.  
You can't bow out now,
when I've just got the gist.

Aimee A. Griffin 11/13/11

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Can't believe I actually made it to 200 posts.  I know I'm not the most reliable blogger, but thank you to those who keep following with aplomb.  You are my bread and butter.

Forever 21 dress.  Blazer found at Macy's.  Frye boots.  Betsey Johnson sunglasses.  Bracelets were a gift from boyfriend.

Today is staggeringly beautiful, with the temperature at a balmy 70 degrees, sun, and not so much wind as we are usually wont to have in the burg.  I was so excited to finally break out this outfit that I had created in my head ages ago, but was too cold to wear.  Fact: the cold forces me to be less fashionable because I hate it so much.  All I think about is keeping it out and that usually leads to the warmest (not cutest) things I can get my hands on.  Some may call this an excuse, it isn't.  I could try harder, but I am too upset by the season.

I also like my messy bun quite a bit today.  And props to boyfriend on the bracelets, he picked them out all by himself!

Some of you are probably noticing the little purple and turquoise ribbon pinned to my left lapel.  I wearing it in solidarity with Students Against Sexual Assault (SASA) who are working to promote awareness and prevention of sexual assault on campus.  Do you go to the burg?  Stop by SASA's table in the Cub, take their survey (it will take up about one minute, really) and wear your ribbon too. 

I'm going to go take a walk in the sunshine!  Kisses!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is it weird that I want this?

Anyone who has ever gone with me on a serious shopping expedition has been asked two questions frequently: "Do I like this?" and "Is it weird that I want this?"  Usually when I ask my mom these questions, the answers are No, and Yes.  When I ask Kim, the first answer varies and the second answer is usually No, because even if it's weird for most people it's not for me.  

When I'm trolling the internet and something strikes my fancy, I usually want to blog about it.  But sometimes my filter kicks in and goes, "wait, this probably isn't cool or interesting at all, you're just very strange."  And that, my darlings, is the inspiration for a new serial post: Is it weird that I want this?

A few seasons back, there were some shots floating around the internet of Khloe Kardashian wearing a faux fur hood with ears that make her look like she had some sort of fox DNA in her.  No one could decide if it was cute or ridiculous, was this SO TRENDY OMG or just, odd.  It's probably not surprising to anyone that I am a great lover of all things Kardashian, but Khloe is my least favorite, and I was indifferent to this furry hood of hers.  But then the other day I ran across Spirithoods, and now I'm not so sure.

It's...kind of ridiculous, but it's also really cute.  I'm reminded of anime/manga culture, but also we just love furry animals.  I knew that I really do like these when I found just about all of them adorable, from the husky to the grizzly bear to the snow leopard.  My ultimate choice would be the grey wolf, but at $139 a pop, that ain't happening.  And I still don't know if it's just too weird.  

Next, faux leather leggings.  I know this trend is old and practically boring at this point, but hear me out. It's still holding on for the young and sexy set in hollywood, and I got to thinking how some slick leggings would be sort of unexpected and cool with a chunky sweater dress.
Okay, I know that these are from the Kardashian Kollection, which Kim has informed me is kind of tacky, and which I am wont to believe since she is not as in love with KimK as I am.  But these are affordable, and the point is that they're your simple, faux leather legging.  But my Kardashian love has confused me, are these actually cute in reality, or should I back away slowly?

Weigh in with your comments!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Check it out!

Hey lovies!  I'll be back with some more posts soon, I promise, my last year of college is just killing me. 

But I just wanted to thank everyone giving me love on the We Love Wool facebook page!  

Thanks to everyone at We Love Wool for letting me be a part of the campaign.  If you haven't checked it out already click on over to Facebook  to learn more about this amazing, creative, versatile, and super stylish fiber!


Monday, October 17, 2011


American Eagle Sweater.  Forever 21 vest.  BDG leggings through Urban. Frye boots. Fossil watch.  Vintage necklace.

I've been getting progressively sicker this past week, but after finally getting a doctor to prescribe me antibiotics on Saturday, I'm feeling just about 100% today.  Also, it decided not to rain in the burg and was lovely and breezy, leading to perhaps my first fall type outfit of the year.  I do so despise all seasons but summer really, but if you can't beat em...

And please ignore the less than ideal setting for these shots.  My blog photographer insists that the reason she didn't answer me all day was that her "phone is dead."  Hmph. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Want: Asymmetrical Skirts

It's no secret that I frequent the Urban website several times a week to check the new stock, and I won't lie to you, some of the stuff they sell is whack.  Their prices can sometimes be a bit much too, I'm not going to pay them over twenty dollars for a t-shirt that is uninspiring and cheap.  In any case, I was rather torn when I saw this little gem a week or so ago:

I couldn't even add it to my wishlist because I was so torn about my feelings.  It seems kind of stupid for it to be short on just that one side, no?  From the right, she looks like she's in a mini, from the left, some sort of awkward midi, and from the front, she looks like she went about shortening a skirt but got bored halfway through.  So what's the deal?

But then I saw this one:

The cut on this one is rather less dramatic and therefore more wearable/less silly.  Props to the folks at Old Hollywood, by the way; the styling here is tres chic.  And at this point I was intrigued, and went on a hunt for more.

This style is rather more dramatic, but I actually really like it with the leggings.  I think it veers away from that awful skirt/short dress with leggings trend that happened a bit ago (Note: a tunic and leggings is fine in my opinion, just don't ruin a good skirt/dress with them) to something a little cooler and edgier. Plus I wouldn't feel like I was about to expose my hoo-hoo.  But uh, it's about 400 bucks on sale.  Yep.

However, I think I like Chloe's take on the traditional schoolgirl skirt the best of all.  A little bit of an unexpected shape with a very traditional plaid, and I love the belt detail on the side.  I can already envision it with a soft, off white sweater, patterned black tights, and my Fryes.  Alas, it isn't even in the stratosphere of a college budget.  But a girl can dream!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Wishes

I woke up in the worst possible mood today, and still have not yet managed to shake it.  I really really want to go shopping for some new fall duds since the weather is really starting to cool down...but I'm broke.  So I guess it's just me and my thesis reading this weekend. Le sigh.  Here's what I'd pick up this weekend if I had cash-flow:

Totally digging this Zara sweater dress, AND it's only 29.90.  That's how broke I am folks, not even that is plausible.  Can't really decide between the cream or the beige though...

So, I don't usually like florals, and cutesy collars also turn me off, and yet I adore this Motel dress.  I think I'd rock it with some patterned tights and my (newly resoled) Frye boots. 

AE Military Hooded Parka

And finally, I am completely obsessed with this parka from American Eagle.  Like, going to the website every day to drool over it obsessed.  I just feel like it would make me look so much cooler than I am.  Need.

Hope you woke up on the right side of the bed.  I'm going to drink some Jasmine Green Tea and try to figure out something fun to do.  Have a good weekend lovelies.

P.S. Check me out on We Love Wool's facebook page, I'm in the blog posts album and will soon be part of the "Why Bloggers Love Wool" Album!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Anything but Ordinary

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the everyday, and what we consider "the mundane."  Probably because of my thesis on Surrealism, but also because I've always been drawn to designers and artists who take something familiar and make it new and exciting again.  I don't understand why we often toss aside the normal, the everyday, as "banal" when those simple things are what make our lives what they are.

That being said, I was tickled when I came across this Cast of Vices collection on A+R Store's website.  I was led here by my Daily Candy email, which is kind of unusual because I generally get angry at all daily email newsletters I subscribe to, spend a very short amount of time actually reading them, and eventually unsubscribe to them.  They were interested in this bracelet, a cheeky take on the wristband:

But not all of the designs are so pretty and chic as this one, and I rather like them better.  Take this leather bag for instance, which looks like what last night's take out came in:

Or any number of the rather grotesque fly or cockroach baubles the designers have provided us with.  I feel like the general fashion public would describe these pieces as "whimsical," but I think that is perhaps the worst word for them.  They are slapping us in the fact with our addictions to consumption and medication, as well as all the things we throw away, like the plastic bag or the entry wristband.  My favorite piece may perhaps be the simplest they offer, and maybe the least telling:

I would certainly wear it as an ode to all of those pens and pen caps I have lost, especially of my beloved round stic bics (color blue, medium thick).  And probably also as a reminder of how small I am, like the pen caps I lose.

Monday, September 26, 2011

In Class, En Vogue Loves Wool

I'm a big believer in making lifestyle changes that will preserve the Earth as we know it.  I'm not going to go live in the woods and hunt for my food anytime soon, but I stopped using "disposable" water bottles back in high school, I always donate clothes that I don't want anymore, and I'm kind of a recycling nazi at my apartment here at school.

Point is then, that when Molly Gotham emailed me about supporting the Fashion by Feelings Campaign, it didn't take much convincing to get me involved.  The campaign wants fashionistas like you and I to post looks in which we're rocking some wool, a sustainable fabric, on their website, after we choose a feeling we think our look evokes.  People then get to vote for looks that they love, and the one with the most votes at the end of the month will win an amazing trip to Australia.  Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Oh, and did I mention that people who vote on their favorite looks can win stuff too?  When you vote you're entered into a weekly drawing for $400 worth of EMU Australia swag.  Quite a perk for just checking out some killer fashion. 

So head on over to the Fashion by Feelings site, get your vote on, and wear your wool with pride.  After all, we need to keep this little planet around if we want to keep being fabulous!