Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekend Wishes

I woke up in the worst possible mood today, and still have not yet managed to shake it.  I really really want to go shopping for some new fall duds since the weather is really starting to cool down...but I'm broke.  So I guess it's just me and my thesis reading this weekend. Le sigh.  Here's what I'd pick up this weekend if I had cash-flow:

Totally digging this Zara sweater dress, AND it's only 29.90.  That's how broke I am folks, not even that is plausible.  Can't really decide between the cream or the beige though...

So, I don't usually like florals, and cutesy collars also turn me off, and yet I adore this Motel dress.  I think I'd rock it with some patterned tights and my (newly resoled) Frye boots. 

AE Military Hooded Parka

And finally, I am completely obsessed with this parka from American Eagle.  Like, going to the website every day to drool over it obsessed.  I just feel like it would make me look so much cooler than I am.  Need.

Hope you woke up on the right side of the bed.  I'm going to drink some Jasmine Green Tea and try to figure out something fun to do.  Have a good weekend lovelies.

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