Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is it weird that I want this?

Anyone who has ever gone with me on a serious shopping expedition has been asked two questions frequently: "Do I like this?" and "Is it weird that I want this?"  Usually when I ask my mom these questions, the answers are No, and Yes.  When I ask Kim, the first answer varies and the second answer is usually No, because even if it's weird for most people it's not for me.  

When I'm trolling the internet and something strikes my fancy, I usually want to blog about it.  But sometimes my filter kicks in and goes, "wait, this probably isn't cool or interesting at all, you're just very strange."  And that, my darlings, is the inspiration for a new serial post: Is it weird that I want this?

A few seasons back, there were some shots floating around the internet of Khloe Kardashian wearing a faux fur hood with ears that make her look like she had some sort of fox DNA in her.  No one could decide if it was cute or ridiculous, was this SO TRENDY OMG or just, odd.  It's probably not surprising to anyone that I am a great lover of all things Kardashian, but Khloe is my least favorite, and I was indifferent to this furry hood of hers.  But then the other day I ran across Spirithoods, and now I'm not so sure.

It's...kind of ridiculous, but it's also really cute.  I'm reminded of anime/manga culture, but also we just love furry animals.  I knew that I really do like these when I found just about all of them adorable, from the husky to the grizzly bear to the snow leopard.  My ultimate choice would be the grey wolf, but at $139 a pop, that ain't happening.  And I still don't know if it's just too weird.  

Next, faux leather leggings.  I know this trend is old and practically boring at this point, but hear me out. It's still holding on for the young and sexy set in hollywood, and I got to thinking how some slick leggings would be sort of unexpected and cool with a chunky sweater dress.
Okay, I know that these are from the Kardashian Kollection, which Kim has informed me is kind of tacky, and which I am wont to believe since she is not as in love with KimK as I am.  But these are affordable, and the point is that they're your simple, faux leather legging.  But my Kardashian love has confused me, are these actually cute in reality, or should I back away slowly?

Weigh in with your comments!


  1. Love the furry vest and those leggings are cool in my opinion, probably better with a long sweater ! I think your blog is very nice, I would like to invite you to my blog, check it out and if you like it follow it ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  2. Thanks for your nice comment and for saying you'll follow...actually I cannot see you among my followers on google friend connect, could you please try again ? Of course I am gonna follow you back :) Many kisses !

    Fashion and Cookies
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  3. I think that those legging are to die for, I woulf buy them! the faux fur jacket is very particular but as long as you wear it with an ironic twist it's great!
    Come to visit my blog when you have time and if you like let's follow each other!

  4. I think the faux leather leggings would look great with some kind of bulky knit. Hmm...I may have to try something like that....

    Your blog is so cute. I'm going to follow. :)

    Stay Beautiful,

  5. i like them both i think they can both look tacky if worn the wrong way but they can definitely be cute!

  6. I love those legging!!

  7. Yes,That leather legging is weird.Because if you wear it with some bulky knit you will appear more nice and chic than us.I am just jealous on you if you wear it.Love your blog.



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